About Us

We have been importing and distributing One Fast Cat Wheels into NZ since 2018.

As owners of indoor cats we have purchased, imported, and used most of the available cat exercise wheels over the past 12 years therefore have had the opportunity to trial them and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Many of the brands are unable to be maintained or repaired and many are good products but extremely expensive therefore out of reach to the average family. Some are too small in diameter therefore your cat can't fully stretch out and run freely and many are too noisy to live with. Many are cheap but small and parts are not available therefore when they fail end up in landfill.

We like the One Fast Cat wheels because they are made in the USA, have a large diameter wheel, are easy to put together, are well made, can be maintained and repaired and are not too pricey.

Sharyn and John

Photo by Helmi Flick Photography